Join the most anticipated presale of 2024, Mpeppé is positioned to cause major disruption amongst memecoins and cryptocurrency rivals.

Introducing MPEPPÉ,A New Generation Meme

Introducing MPEPE, the revolutionary meme cryptocurrency at the intersection of sports fandom and blockchain innovation.

Inspired by the legendary Pepecoin and the electrifying talents of professional Soccer player Mbappé, MPEPE stands as a beacon for uniting global soccer enthusiasts through the power of crypto and sports-related memes. Leveraging the robustness of blockchain technology, MPEPE pioneers a gaming and sports betting ecosystem, fostering a vibrant community where members can socialize, trade the community token, and engage in thrilling sports-related activities. Join us in the exhilarating journey of MPEPE, where passion for soccer meets the boundless possibilities of the digital age.


Big Prize:

Get ready to participate in our exciting prize giveaways, where you have the chance to win amazing rewards.

$MPEPE Prize
  • $MPEPE Mpeppé ($MPEPE)

    Mpeppé ($MPEPE)

    $MPEPE Cryptocurrency is built on the Ethereum blockchain making it easily accessible to the majority of the digital asset space.

    Our smart contract has been designed to burn $MPEPE after every transaction making it an ideal community token to transfer value across the internet.

  • $MPEPE Player Card NFTs

    Player Card NFTs

    Inspired by the greatest sports legends of all time, crossbred with Pepe the Frog artwork to create a fun vibrant NFT for our online communities.

    The Player Card NFTs are limited to a max supply of 420 NFTs that will ever be minted creating a scarce supply.

  • $MPEPE Trade, Stake & Earn $MPEPE

    Trade, Stake & Earn $MPEPE

    $MPEPE users will be able to stake $MPEPE within De-Fi liquidity pools to earn rewards, gamers can generate profits by utilizing our MPEPE Gaming & Sports Betting Platform.

    Traditional PC & Mobile games have been redesigned for the $MPEPE gaming site for community members to participate in P2E.

    Rewards earned from the sports betting or gaming site will be distributed automatically using audited smart contracts for user safety.


Big Features, No TAX and Zero Fees

  • $MPEPE Gaming On The Go:

    Gaming On The Go:

    Stay connected with $MPEPE mobile gaming available soon on GooglePlay & App Store

  • $MPEPE Viral Marketing Potential:

    Viral Marketing Potential:

    $MPEPE has the potential to be a public figure within cryptocurrency, join our journey to the moon.

  • $MPEPE Vibrant Community Members:

    Vibrant Community Members:

    Make life-time friendships within the Mpeppé community, socialize with like minded investors.

  • $MPEPE Player Card NFTs:

    Player Card NFTs:

    Each NFT Player card is a masterpiece, iconic imagery of legendary soccer players with aesthetic Pepe artwork.

  • $MPEPE Exclusive Rights:

    Exclusive Rights:

    Presale community members earn exclusive rewards on $MPEPE Gaming & Sports Betting platform.

  • $MPEPE World Friendly Applications:

    World Friendly Applications:

    User friendly interfaces to easily onboard new entrants with zero experience using P2E platforms.

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$MPEPE Contract Address


#MPEPE Tokenomics
  • Symbol:


  • Supply:


  • Network:


  • Buy Tax:


  • Sel Tax:


  • $MPEPE  Audit100% Secure & Audited
  • $MPEPE Solid Proof Audit
  • $MPEPE Coinsult Audit


Stage One

Introducing Mpeppé into the memecoin market with strong credentials to build trust and community.

  • Launch Mpeppé Website
  • Mpeppé Signature Artwork
  • Build X & Telegram Community
  • SolidProof $MPEPE Security Audit
  • Coinsult $MPEPE Security Audit
  • Mpeppé Presale Launch
  • Build NFT Player Card List
  • $MPEPE Token Locking,

Stage Two

Pushing $MPEPE to the stratosphere with worldwide marketing campaigns & influencer backing.

  • MPEPE Gaming Snippet
  • Launch Global Marketing
  • Sport Influencer Onboarding
  • Airdrop Giveaway
  • Mpeppé Social Media Campaign
  • Release $100K Giveaway
  • Launch NFT Player Cards

Stage Three

Unleashing $MPEPE to the masses, listing on popular exchanges and increasing accessibility to professional traders.

  • Launch $MPEPE Staking
  • Develop Mpepe Sports Gambling
  • Presale $MPEPE Claim
  • $MPEPE Uniswap Listing
  • Tier 2 CEX Listing
  • Global Marketing Campaign
  • CM & CMC Listing

Stage Four

Continuing Mpeppé growth and development with new CEX listings, In-game rewards and MPEPE aesthetics.

  • Release Mpepe Gaming
  • Google Play & App Store Launch
  • Tier 1 CEX Listing
  • Release Mpepe Sports Gambling
  • Launch Discord Gamers Community
  • Soccer Charity Giveaway
  • Release MPEPE Sports Betting Patreon
  • $MPEPE Gambling Site Listing

Meet The Team

  • $MPEPE Team

    Pepé Guardiola

    Senior Manager & Graphic Designer

  • $MPEPE Team

    Nicholas Pepé

    Community & Support Manager

  • $MPEPE Team

    Cristiano Pepé

    Marketing Guru

  • $MPEPE Team

    PEPE mcPepé

    CTO & Community Support

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Mpeppé (MPEPE)?

    MPEPE is a revolutionary cryptocurrency born to collide two worlds, uniting sports fandom and blockchain innovation.
  • Who Can I Contact For Support?

    Mpeppe community members can contact [email protected] or refer to our telegram group to speak with team members, be sure to communicate in the official Mpeppe telegram chat.
  • What Network Is Mpeppé (MPEPE) Built On?

    Mpeppe (MPEPE) is built on Ethereum with intentions of integrating with alternative blockchains to capitalize on transaction speed, whilst ensuring easy accessibility to the MPEPE platform.
  • When Is Mpeppé (MPEPE) Launching?

    Mpeppe (MPEPE) is launching on Uniswap Monday 23rd, September 2024.
  • What Is The Price Of MPEPE?

    MPEPE presale price starts at 0.00077 USD
  • What Is The MPEPE Contract Address?

    Official Mpeppe (MPEPE) Smart Contract - 0xd328a1C97e9b6b3Afd42eAf535bcB55A85cDcA7B
  • How Many MPEPE Tokens Are Available?

    Mpeppe (MPEPE) max supply is 7,690,420,000 $MPEPE with 3,845,210,000 $MPEPE for sale during presale. No more will ever be created.